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Stellar was created in 2017 by founders who wanted a better platform for creating and sharing content with the world.

Our goal is to create communities that helps each other discover awesome content that's unique and fun for everyone involved. Steller is an environment where users are free to express themselves with their own creations, share the best media from around the web, and engage in conversations about the things they care about.

We take feedback from our userbase to build a product & communities that everyone can be excited to be a part of. In an age where divisiveness and negativity seems to rule the headlines, we feel a responsibility to build communities of people that interact in a positive and fun way.

We believe a global movement starts with a single like, comment or a share. That's why we created Stellar.

Our beliefs

Community first

Everything we build at stellar is with the Stellar community and users in mind. Every process should have a purpose, and the main purpose should always be to serve the Stellar community.


We make decisions about Stellar's direction with transparency and openness. We discuss the impacts our ideas and plans have and listen to feedback with an open-mind.


We don't always have the best answers but we'll do our best to find them. We're willing to set aside our preconceived ideas and listen to what others have to say.

Focus on Impact

We believe a small and focused group of the right individuals can make a big impact. The stellar team is a tight-knight, innovative family that works hard together and solves problems quickly.

Value in diversity

Every individual has a voice worth sharing and we want to listen. Perspective breeds innovation. We place tremendous value on the insight gained from unique backgrounds.

Data trumps ego

When making decisions that can affect the Stellar platform and users, we trust real data over personal opinion. A suspicion or a hunch should always be backed by voices from the users and metrics that validate them.

Stellar's awesome fans

Stellar is a diverse and growing group of millions of people sharing and interacting every day. Let's grow together and enjoy make the internet a better place through building communities and sharing the things that make this world awesome.


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